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With a white face, Li Ziling said, "You don't have to use human flesh. Isn't there any phlegm?"? That's better than human flesh. Weidong: "Sister Ziling is right!"! "It's the same with phlegm and nasal discharge. The next grade is the next grade. What kind of food do you pick?" Ke Xunmu looked at him with a wooden face. "So where do these five things come from?" "Cough," Weidong looks to Salix, "sister you say?" Salix pointed to the tents scattered on the flat land at the foot of the slope in the distance and the Saha Temple with local characteristics: "Big incense and small incense, I think you can go to the Saha Temple to look for them. The Saha Temple is full of practitioners. As for the red and white essence.." Weidong coughed again: "We are responsible for that'white ', and that'red' will bother the two girls." Ke Xun is looking at him: "Remaining excrement and urine are thick phlegmy big nasal mucus, which do you pick?" Weidong struggled painfully for a moment and finally clenched his teeth: "Go pee, I'll go pee." Ke Xun gave him a kick and said nothing but, "I'll do the rest." When Weidong heard this, he quietly glanced at the herdsman and quietly gave a thumbs-up to Ke Xun. Mu Yiran never said anything, but walked down the hillside with the four men and headed for the tent and the Saha Temple. To the place, several people split up, two girls went to the house together to ask for female blood, Ke Xun Weidong went to the temple to get the remaining four, but Mu Yiran was a person, walking around searching. More than an hour later, Ke Xun and a bitter Weidong came out of the temple, holding the crock far away from his nose, wishing he could throw it out immediately. Weidong frowned and muttered, "The elder may be a little inflamed these two days." Ke Xun's face was expressionless and he didn't want to talk. Seeing the herdsman bent over not far away,stainless steel welded pipe, as if he were picking something up from the ground, he put down the crock in his hand and ran quickly over to him, asking him, "What did you find?" Mu Yiran took one look at him, spread out his hand, and saw a small and bright purple flower between his fingers. Ke Xun: "…" God, you are so romantic. I shit and pee, and you pick flowers and grass. Mirabilis jalapa. The male God did not forget to give him popular science. It smells good. Ke Xun said. Did you get it all? The herdsman asked casually. I got it all,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, but don't ask me how I got it. "Ke Xun can't bear to look back." Especially don't ask me how the male essence got it. " Mu Yiran looked at him coldly, and Ke Xun quickly clarified: "Don't worry, it's not mine." The herdsman lowered his face and stepped away. It took a while for Salix and Li Ziling to come out of the tent of the house. Salix was holding the jar in her hand, and Li Ziling had a disgusting look on her face. "Did you succeed?" Asked Weidong. Salix nods: "Succeed." Like a secret signal to the underworld. Is Sister Ziling all right? Weidong came forward to care. Li Ziling refused to speak, covering her mouth and shaking her head. It was nearly noon when I got back to the big tent, and lunch was no different from morning. The other three groups of people also came back one after another, but none of them had time to start. Some came back with meat, some came back with wine brewed by the local people, and the herdsman did not know where to get the lamp from the Saha Temple. Xiaomu's group got Wuhuilu? Qin Ci was a little surprised to hear Salix say the reason for the five Huilu. After everyone listened, there was no appetite, and the appetite was even stronger. Zhou Bin and Zhao Dan looked sympathetically at Ke Xun and Weidong. Chapter 30 faith 08 someone's mentality collapsed. Qin Ci said, "Now we have got the Five Dew, the Five Tribute Meat, the Libation Wine, and the Lamp. What's left is the offering bowl and the things referred to by the local nouns.". Unfortunately, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,brushed stainless steel sheet, when I went to the villagers in the morning, they spoke the local language and could not communicate. "Indeed," Salix nodded in agreement. "It took a lot of effort for us to ask for Wuhuilu. It all depended on gestures to make each other understand." They first put what they had got in the tent, and saw that the five tribute meats were very stale, including beef, mutton, horse meat, bird meat, fish meat, donkey meat, dog meat and even wolf meat. Although I don't know exactly which five kinds of Wugong meat are, with so many kinds of meat, I can always meet five kinds. Qin Ci said.
Salix in the side to speak and stop, Qin Ci saw, asked her what she wanted to say, Salix hesitated for a moment, finally opened his mouth: "I'm a little worried, five tribute meat may be inside." There may be.. Human flesh. Everyone was surprised when they heard this. Qin Ci looked at her and said, "Why did you say that?" Salix said, "Since the big meat in Wuhuilu refers to human flesh, why doesn't the meat in Wugong meat refer to human flesh?" The remark brought a moment of silence. "I think the possibility of human flesh is very high," Zhou Bin said with an ugly face. "You can see what these five Huilu are. They all have something to do with people. And as far as I know, in the slavery era of this place, it seems that they were all human sacrifices." "But where are we going to get human flesh?!" Ma Zhenhua stepped back in panic. The crowd fell silent again. After a long time, Zhou Bin suddenly raised his eyes and asked Qin Ci, "I remember you said that in the world of this painting, only we are real people from the real world, right?" Everyone did not know what he wanted to say, they all stared at him warily, and Qin Ci nodded slowly. With a trace of determination on his face, Zhou Bin gritted his teeth and pointed to the direction of the village: "That is to say, those people are actually not real people, so if we want to get human flesh, we can use theirs-anyway, since they are all human beings in the painting, then their flesh is of course human flesh, and even if we kill them, it is not really killing people." It's -- it's like a holographic game, you're just killing a realistic virtual character of the same height as a real person, not a real person, so there's no psychological burden -- do you think? Everyone looked at each other, and the mother of the family of three, who had been covering her child's ears with her hands, could not help saying, "But.." But in the world of this painting, after all, they are all living people in this world. "Said here is a painting, not the real world,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet," Zhou Bin to the crowd a bit angry, "just for you such a mother's heart, let us all die here?!" 。


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